About Us

SeeMyOptions is neither a lender nor real estate sales company. We have created relationships with licensed loan companies, real estate sales professionals, appraisers, technology companies, and others,  to provide consumers the resources they need to make good decisions surrounding real estate.

SeeMyOptions has one mission:  To connect consumers to the resources they need, when they need it!  We want to help you evaluate the various options that might work for your situation, and assist you in making a well-informed decision on what may be one of the largest transactions in your life.

For those who need a mortgage, be it a refinance, new purchase, or a reverse mortgage, our platform connects you to a quality lender who will reply with a valuable proposal showing you various borrowing options, not just one rate or program. That proposal will open your eyes to the entire mortgage process BEFORE you file an application. It eliminates many surprises associated with todays mortgage process.

We DO NOT collect vital information that hurts your credit score, such as pulling a credit report! You won’t need to have credit pulled until you submit a formal application!  Rest assured that your information will remain private, and will NOT be sold or distributed for any other purposes beyond your request. We don’t sell your information, and we don’t spam or email repeatedly!

BE AWARE!  Many other companies will promise you a mortgage quote when you fill out the form. However, what actually happens is the phone starts to ring, emails start to arrive in your inbox, and they will not stop contacting you until you fill out a full application with them. Worst of all, you never see the “Quote” they promised in their promotion!  Most people see these tactics as rude and inconsiderate. WE DO NOT AGREE WITH THEIR TACTICS EITHER.

Marketers will try to convince you their Lending is like a “Tree” or a “Rocket”, but the reality is that they sell your name and number to dozens of lenders, or just quote you a rate that is best for them.  Then come the endless calls and emails that will haunt you for weeks. Your credit score may even drop because they run your credit report (sometimes multiple times) with hard inquiries.  DO NOT PUT UP WITH THE UNWANTED CONTACT FROM THESE COMPANIES.

We see real estate transactions in a different way.  We truly want to let you “See Your Options” for a loan, agent, or any professional in the real estate process, that will respond to all your needs.  No pressure. No credit reports. No unwanted calls!

We can even provide resources to help you improve your credit score, get you quotes for homeowners insurance, and identify what other steps you can take to give you expanded or better loan options before you commit to the formal application.

Just remember that SeeMyOptions:

  1. Will not hurt your credit rating by pulling a credit report (which may impact your credit score) until you are ready.
  2. Will not sell your information to multiple companies. Rather, we stick with you through the whole process.
  3. Can help you with other services associated with your loan, such as insurance, escrow, title, and many other home loan related services.

We are here to serve and educate you so that you can get access to all information possible and select the ideal loan for your situation.

Thank you for visiting us and let us know how we can better serve your real estate needs!