Real Estate Agent Marketing Campaigns

As a real estate agent, marketing yourself can be extremely expensive. Radio campaigns can cost $3500 and up PER WEEK! Add to that the fact your radio ads cover the entire radio area, but you don’t service the entire area! So how can a solo agent or small team participate in mass marketing?

Introducing SeeMyOptions! We produce Shared Real Estate Campaigns to attract consumers to the SeeMyOptions website. You pay for only the zip code(s) you wish to target, while others pay for their target zip code(s). The good news is – ONLY ONE AGENT CAN SUBSCRIBE PER ZIP CODE!

Shared Marketing Campaigns!

We run the campaigns, with multiple messages, across various media (radio, social, search, and in some markets, cable television) attracting consumers to You receive notice of activity in your zip code(s) until the campaign ends. It’s as simple as that!

Once you’ve created your SMO Agent Page, you are eligible participate in our area-specific collaborative marketing campaigns ( for example – Los Angeles / Orange / Riverside / Ventura / San Bernardino Counties).

Although our campaigns in most markets utilize radio, social marketing, and search engines, in some markets we also use cable television!  All the traffic is driven to Visitors then use the site to request various services via online forms, or our call center.  Requests include:

  • Pre-qualifications for new home purchase or refinancing
  • Requests for real estate agents for business in that zip code
  • Requests for home valuation
  • Requests for alerts notifying the consumer of new properties in that area
  • And more!

When any of the above events occur in your zip code(s), you will be notified. Your only job is to ontact the consumer IMMEDIATELY to open a dialog and turn on your personal sales skills!

Here’s how subscriptions work:

  1. Agents must first create their SMO Agent Page (regardless if or when you use it). Your login to that page will have access to your “dashboard” allowing you to view opportunities as they arise.
  2. Only one campaign is open at any time for a market area.  Campaigns are typically on a quarterly basis (Q1-Q4); subscriptions go up for sale about one month prior to the start of the campaign.
  3. Typically on or about the 1st of the month before the next campaign, zip code subscription page is opened.
  4. Agents visit the Agent Campaigns page which you can find either in the SMO App or on your Dashboard, then select and pay the subscription fee for the zip code or zip codes.
  5. You may subscribe to the campaign for the Base Price (asking price) shown, OR you have the option to open the zip code to bidding and bid a lower price (there is a minimum acceptable price displayed). Remember, if there is competition for a zip code, your final price MIGHT end up higher than our base price! 
  6. All SMO agents registered in a DMA (marketing area) are notified of zip codes open for bidding.
  7. Bidding continues for 72 hours from the time of the first bid.
  8. PAYMENTS: All charges are paid by credit card, for the full campaign, in advance. We place an authorization hold on your credit card for up to 7 days. Each campaign has a minimum funding goal which we set prior to opening the campaign for sale: If we meet our funding goal, your card will be billed. If we do not meet our funding goal, the authorization hold will pass and your card will not be charged. In the latter case, the campaign may be cancelled, revised and re-opened, or the funding period may be extended.
  9. Code of Conduct:
  10. Once you receive a new contact from the campaign, you have 48 hours to contact the person. To assure value to our system, IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT THE CONSUMER AND LET OUR PLATFORM KNOW YOU DID IN FACT CONTACT THEM, OUR PLATFORM WILL REFER THE CONSUMER TO ANOTHER REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL.
  11. Now here’s the JUICY PART!!!  Some zip codes do not sell during the allocated time.  In the event an opportunity arises in a zip code that has NOT been subscribed to, SeeMyOptions has arranged for an affiliated referral brokerage to handle all referrals outside of the subscription system.  The referral brokerage will contact current subscribers and offer the referral under their referral contract. Your relationship with the referral brokerage is EXTERNAL to the SeeMyOptions platform. We do not have anything to do with the brokerage, other than our marketing relationship with them.