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Welcome to what is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable marketing tools available to the real estate industry: SeeMyOptions. The SeeMyOptions platform can only be accessed by a select group of professionals who have been approved to receive access to our resources.  Subscribing professionals receive the ability to capture real-time market activity by 1) promoting (do it yourself, or let us do it for you!) their SeeMyOptions page, or 2) by subscribing to quarterly area-wide campaigns by zip code.

Subscribe and create your SMO Agent Page ($10 per month)

To participate in the SeeMyOptions marketing platform, each participating professional must create an SMO Account. An active, monthly Agent Page subscription is required for access to your Lead Dashboard. The dashboard is your place to manage your incoming market activity, contact requests, as well as our potential referrals.

Once you have subscribed and created your Agent Page you will have two marketing options (you may chose to do your own marketing, or one or both SMO offerings.  Regardless of your Marketing Plan, you can generate leads and access your dashboard from your own page as long as your subscription is active).

Our Marketing Offerings: (From $100 per month)

  1. Monthly Page Marketing: our team will create and manage a social and search campaign to attract consumers to YOUR Agent Page. As long as your monthly subscription is active, your leads will show in the Dashboard online AND in the mobile app! Chose from several campaign costs to meet your budget!
  2. Quarterly Campaigns: SMO executes marketing campaigns in each demographic area (called a DMA). Agents may subscribe to a Quarterly Campaign, and receive exclusive access to consumer leads in one or more zip codes.

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